Simply Smile

My #1 best photography trick revealed! There are countless photography hacks that are going around, and that have been going around for ages now, promising us all how to ‘best’ pose in pictures. It’s nothing new, and it’s not inherently negative either. Heck, they can be really, genuinely helpful. You could look this way, turn that way, stand taller, shoulders back, etc. Useful information to … Continue reading Simply Smile

How to bring travel into the everyday

For many – and when I say many, I mean most – people, traveling on the regular is, unfortunately, not an attainable reality. What’s more often the norm is people traveling a couple times a year if they’re fortunate enough to, and that typically is what sustains them until their next big adventure. However, for those with an especially nasty case of the travel bug, … Continue reading How to bring travel into the everyday

How to maximize your time on the move

We all have our own idea of what time well spent looks like. And because everyone chooses to travel differently, one person’s idea of a dream adventure can be the next person’s perfectly concocted nightmare. However, I think we can all mostly agree with the idea that travel is treasured time, and for that reason I’ve put together my own list of things that work … Continue reading How to maximize your time on the move