What does it mean to be “taylored to travel”?

I don’t believe I was necessarily tailored to travel in the way of being created or actually made to travel, but I do think the way I was brought up greatly played a role in shaping and pushing me toward the travel seeking lifestyle I strive for today.

Traveling from a young age has left its mark on me by instilling me with an overwhelming sense of wanderlust and an inherent inability to stay put. And today, travel is always at the forefront of my mind and serves as one of my main motivators. It is definitely the driving force for many of my life’s decisions.

I have always said that my biggest downfall is that I can’t stick to just one thing – I want to experience it all and dabble a little in everything. If you know me personally you’ll shake your head at how many times I say “Life’s too short!” and know that my seven page (no, that’s not a typo!) bucket list is ever expanding. Thankfully, though, travel miraculously encompasses all my interests and intermingles them in such a way that I am always satisfied.

Art is accessible by means of museums and street fairs. Fashion is in boutique windows but better yet on locals’ limbs. Nature reveals itself through forests in lusher destinations and through potted plants in sprawling cities. Love is apparent in shared experiences and smiling faces. Food is simply everywhere.

Travel is the ultimate teacher, and as somebody who loves learning I want to travel as much as possible. I hope to experience as many cultures as I can and collect as many memories from all corners of the globe. I hope to share if only a glimpse of my travel tales here on this blog with those who share a similar passion for our great, vast world.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.