It’s all in the details…


For me it’s the smallest of details that typically pull me in the most. Whether it’s the intricacies of the veining of a leaf that capture my attention on the way to meet a friend or how a piece of sea glass seems to resemble a glistening gem when immediately plucked from the waves.

I once became so excited over the innumerable textures, colors and completely exquisite patterns on fish at an aquarium – exclaiming (and I stand by my statement to this day) that a designer could literally conceptualize dozens of collections with only the inspiration from this single fish tank – only to be met with a quizzical at best, you’re completely nuts at worst, look from my date.

However, I see beauty in the often overlooked.

Most recently when I visited the beautiful Roman Baths of Bath, England, I was captured by the most gorgeous moss that grew atop the brick wall overlooking the main attraction, which everyone but me was exclusively awe-ing over.

Don’t get me wrong, I, too, was mesmerized by the soft pistachio green of the water below. The color was captivating, and the steam rolling over the water only too tempting on that chilly afternoon. It goes without saying how historically fascinating the site is, too! But it’s simply that the moss was so stunning in its own regard that I didn’t want to allow it to go unnoticed.

Of course I realized people probably thought I was at least slightly odd, angling my camera in every which way to best capture what they, from a further distance, likely weren’t able to see. A couple of people craned their necks to see if there was something – or someone – of interest down below, on the street, that I was instead photographing. A celebrity, possibly?

Just moss.

Moss?!? As in KATE MOSS?!?!

Oh, no, sorry, I mean, as in the tiny flowerless plant…

I’m sure they were disappointed. And I’m also pretty sure I was forever a strange girl in their eyes.

But that is how I often am when I travel. I take in the main attractions, of course, but I also make a deliberate decision to not allow them to overtake my appreciation for the rest of the more subtle beauty, which I recognize is all around me.

In this way, I try as best I can to be mindful of what can easily be overlooked – those small wonders that are too often the true stunners but are overshadowed by our insistence on rushing to those more traditionally sought after sights.

Need I remind you how many of us were disappointed by the Mona Lisa??

With that said, above I have a picture of this glorious aforementioned moss. Below are a few more close-ups of other intricate, underrated beauty I found while wandering around the UK.


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